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Esso Trinidad Steel Band
Esso Trinidad Steel Band - TUNES
The Esso Trinidad Steel Band was the original "home" to several of the players of todays 21st Century Steel Band. In this recording, Michael Kernahan was a young, double-second pan player, who rose to become the leader and chief tuner of the 21st Century Steel Band.

Originally recorded 1971 and re-released, 1998
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Apeman | 4.6mb - 2:26

If You Let Me Make Love To You, Why Can't I Touch You? | 5.7mb - 3:01

Ride On Sammy | 5.5mb - 2:54

Simple Calypso | 8.5mb - 4:28

Cecilia | 5.3mb - 2:48

I Want You Back | 4.4mb - 2:19

Sabre Dance | 4.3mb - 2:09

Come To The Sunshine | 2.6mb - 1:22

Erasmus B. Black | 5.6mb - 2:56

If I Had The Wings (Like A Dove) | 6.2mb - 3:16

Singer Man | 5.8mb - 3:03